5 tips for the ultimate outdoor projector party

An outdoor laser projector party is one of the best ways to take advantage of the pleasant summer weather. The best of both worlds are available at these gatherings: a big, immersive screen (much like at the movies) and the crisp, clean scent of nature. These work well for both big and little groups. A powerful projector can project onto the appropriate size of screen for your party, whether you want to host a small gathering for a few close friends or you want to invite the entire neighborhood.

How to put up a projector outside
To understand how to choose or set up your ideal projector and screen, check out our recent Best Buy post on how to set up an outdoor projector. You may be able to take your indoor movie projector outside and operate it on a tiny screen in some circumstances.

A dedicated outdoor projector will, however, often give you a better experience. Your movies and shows will look rich and saturated thanks to these newer, brighter projector models that make up for bigger displays and more ambient light (such as streetlight or starlight). Even those with 3000-4500 lumens can be used during the day!

Philips Hue outdoor lighting: pick a room to alter.
The fact that projectors offer much more flexibility than a fixed TV screen is one of the reasons that makes them so fantastic. They are portable and may be put up anyplace there is a white wall, sheet, or outdoor projector screen that can be used to project images onto.

With inviting outdoor furniture, picnic blankets, and decorations, you can turn any place into a spectacular one. Solar illumination, intelligent lighting, and fairy lights provide a warm atmosphere and illuminate pathways. Some projectors include built-in speakers that are adequate for small-scale settings like your family’s garden, but you should bring extra speakers if necessary for open areas like a pitch or forest.

  1. Determine the size of the party.
    A gathering with an outside projector has no ideal size. You may arrange a crazy party for the complete extended family or a romantic date night for two using a strong projector with a 1:1 throw ratio.

microwave popcorn maker

  1. Don’t forget to bring food!
    Any party needs snacks, but viewing parties especially need them. Look up recipes for themed desserts, or prepare or purchase nutritious snacks like veggie trays with hummus, in advance.

Make a few big batches of popcorn in advance for a classic movie night, and keep a popcorn maker on hand to provide additional snacks as needed. Popcorn is a simple snack that is naturally gluten-free and vegan, and guests may customize their snack with a variety of toppings. (I like to provide butter, truffle oil, and a few flavor shakers for toppers!)

  1. Recognize your audience
    Depending on where you were raised, “movie night in the garden” or “movie night in a pitch” is probably the definition of the traditional projector party. The fact is that this is your celebration, though. You are free to use it whatever you choose!

Use your outdoor projector to play massive video games, view sporting events, or crack jokes over old Vine compilations if you and your buddies aren’t movie buffs. (If you require internet access, just make sure it is available where you set up.)

The projector is your unlimited oyster bar, and the world is your oyster.

KODAK inflatable outdoor projector screen

  1. Arrange a post-party
    An after-party can be a fun way to switch up the night and continue the festivities after the main event, if your party has one. You can encourage your guests to unwind and converse by adjusting the content that’s displayed on the projector. The first couple to on the dance floor is like the party pivot. Everyone wants to go outside; all that needs to happen is for something or someone to dispel the enchantment.

Try switching to black and white oldies if your movie night was mostly action-packed blockbusters to mix things up. Try switching to NHL 21 if you spent the entire evening watching the major hockey game.

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