2023 Boss Day Custom Bobbleheads Gifts

We spend the months of August and September each year busy customising best bobbleheads for our customers to give on Boss Day. Later, in October, we will hear from customers who have purchased one of our bespoke bobbleheads, most of whom talk about how surprised and delighted their employer or supervisor was to receive the present.

Why is Boss’ Day observed?
When Patricia Bays Haroski was working as her father’s secretary in 1958, she registered “National Boss’ Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Since Ms. Haroski thought her father was a great boss, she chose her father’s birthday, October 16, as National Boss Day.


According to Ms. Haroski, setting aside a specific day at work to express your gratitude to a boss or superior who has given you a lot of support is a terrific approach to enhance your working relationship. Everyone enters the office unsure of the tasks they will undertake. If your boss successfully leads you through the task at hand, should you be thankful for that? Also, on particular occasions like Boss’s Day, you can publicly express your gratitude.

What are some fantastic present suggestions for Boss Day?
The date of Boss Day in 2022 is Sunday, October 16. Nevertheless, because the holiday falls on a weekend, it will actually be observed on Monday, October 17.

In fact, some people are against boss days because they believe that in the workplace, the boss should reward employees for good performance rather than allowing workers to give gifts to superiors who make far more money. Therefore picking the appropriate present is crucial.

You must first take your boss’ personality into account. Given that some managers dislike exposure, picking modest and inexpensive gifts is always a good idea. Why not throw your employer and your coworkers a party if they enjoy a fun environment? Notably, this is not only your boss but also a highly supportive supervisor.

The World’s Greatest Boss personalised mugs, notebooks, T-shirts, hats, and other items are frequently preferred by our clients. They might come out as corny, but we have to admit that they are enjoyable. For Boss’s Day, picture everyone on your team donning a T-shirt or hat that reads, “The World’s Greatest Boss.” Your boss will be in awe!


Why not continue working hard on Boss Day? If your boss is down to earth, nothing makes him happier than working hard to get greater outcomes. This can enable your manager or leader to finish tasks earlier.

customised boss bobbleheads as special presents
Since regular customised gift items like cups, hats, etc. are quite tacky, as we already explained, why not try personalised bobbleheads made from photos? We provide a summary of dolls’ benefits for you.

Personalised dolls made from photos, 110% unique

All of our items are handcrafted, and our skilled sculptors will carve the doll’s face based on the facial images you supply. Because each boss receives a customised and one-of-a-kind present, you don’t have to worry about receiving duplicate gifts. Also, we offer a lettering service where you may write what you want to tell your boss on the base.


2 Boss-themed bobbleheads were created.

For Boss Day, we created specially themed dolls. The majority of these dolls wear suits, and a few of them have the words “Boss” and “Best Boss” printed on their bodies.

White Blazer Personalized Female Boss Bobbleheads

Personalized White Blazer Female Office Boss Bobbleheads

Personalized Black Suit Male Office Finest Boss Bobbleheads

Personalized Black Suit Male Office Finest Boss Bobbleheads

3Affordable and significant

Our office bobble head dolls have a starting price of 68.88, and the total cost of the order is less than 100 US dollars. This is already a very reasonable value when compared to other personalised presents that may go into the hundreds of dollars. Most importantly, the boss will probably put your gift on his desk or the one he uses at home when he receives it. He will think of you every time he sees this amusing doll.

Boss Day is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude to all the leaders, managers, and supervisors who have supported you from day one. Giving your manager a fantastic gift will help you build a stronger relationship. You can rely on us to help you make your Boss’s Day presents the talk of the entire office with our personalised bobble head!

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